What is a Project in The Writers Vault

A Project is really your starting point with a new piece of work.  Your book could be a standalone short story of novel or even part of a series of books, either way it begins its life in the Writers Vault software as a Project.

Projects form part of the architecture as to how our platform works and how things relate to one another.  Without this initial step you could not have the same character appearing in multiple books, so setting up a Project is a must for all new stories you are doing.

Regardless of it your Project is a single book or part of an ongoing series it must begin as a Project.  Even if it’s just an idea and nothing more it would start life as a Project.

The best bit – if you wanted to add a follow-on short story or a prequel you can.  Writers Vault lets you add to what was once a standalone title.

Our authors software we feel is easy to use, simple and grows with you and your writing.  It enables you to get back into the writing quickly and it tidies up all your notes, plot and character information in one easy place.

So, whenever you start using our platform for a new project, always start here if it has no bearing to any other works.  Then, simply add the book title, then characters and plot notes and away you go from there.

In the Standard version of Writers Vault it is FREE.  In this version you get the option to have a maximum of TWO Projects in the platform with up to TWO books in total, relating to a single Project or one book in each.

You can easily upgrade at any time to our PREMIUM version, this will then unlock a load of really great features.

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