What is a Character record in the Writers Vault

A Character record is a character which is or may be used at some point in your work.  In the Writers Vault there is a host of options as to what you record, when and why.  It is all recorded and designed to help you work better and to bring your characters to life.  It’s often the little detail and quirks which make a character stand out to readers and building these layers within the Writers Vault is ideal.

Readers want a character to develop, they want to experience the same journey that your character is on.  So, the Writers Vault software lets you add a host of information to keep your brain clear for creative bits.

You can add height, weight, skills, looks and even a picture.  You can use it your way and however suits you best.

Standard Characters

All characters fall into this mould, they are characters and by default all characters are marked as a Standard Character unless you label them otherwise.

They can be as quick and simple as a single name and nothing more.  However, you can dive far deeper putting in some real detail as you shape and craft the major characters in your story.  The choice is yours, and you can have any combination you please.

It could be the local barman, the kind school teacher or just someone who has a really small or supporting part in a story.  But, you could at a later stage add much more detail as this character evolves over time.

To create a Character the Writers Vault it can take seconds or you could spend an age really fine tuning your character.  The beauty of our system is you decide how much detail each one needs and when.  Then, the record is there for you whenever you need to access it.

Featured Characters

There is the option to mark a character as a Featured Character.  This is someone who, for whatever reason you designate, as needs that extra special bit of attention.  They could be a character with not much information that you want to work on when you wake up tomorrow.

They could be a group of major or lead characters.  You can mark any character as Featured at any point and they will appear with a featured graphic first in your character list.  Whats more if you want to change a character from featured back to standard its simple, just unchecked the featured box.  All of the detail you have kept on the character will still be there.  If you then want to make them a featured character again then simply click the featured box again.

Dead Characters

Characters in a story die, we get this and being honest sometimes you need to keep their details about.  This could be for a character wanting to remember them and remembering their hair colour or eye colour could be a detail you may not remember well.  Chances are, if you make a mistake an eagle-eyed reader will and point it out.

By keeping their record but marking them as Dead, just means you can check these small details whenever you want.

Character Pictures

Sometimes having the picture of a character really helps.  It helps most of our users but it’s not a must have.  As a result, our writing software lets you work with our without pictures.  It’s 100% your call.

However, if you want to add a picture you can, simply upload a single picture of your character.

  • Writers Vault supports images in JPEG or PNG format
  • Image dimensions are a maximum 3200 x 2000. Recommended is ideally 1600 x 1000.
  • File size, a maximum image size of 512KB per image, this should be plenty of size.

Resizing images are easy now a days as even Microsoft’s free Paint programme has the scope to do this.

Character Views

When a character is saved the character record will appear on the Character Page.  This is accessed by the top navigation bar.  Here you will see all your characters.

  • Viewing Preferences

The Writers Vault software lets you, the writer decides how this information is displayed.  The platform records the data in two ways.

  • Text Based Grid View – This first shows the purely text-based view, which can be searched.

Picture View – This shows the character-based view which can be searched and the text view underneath.

PREMIUM CUSTOMERS – Can hide a view they are not using, this enables you quicker page load times and tidies up/customises your view to how you want it. Also there is a comprehensive search and filter system to help better find and work with specific characters.

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