The Writers Vault

Terms and conditions

Welcome to The Writers Vault and our terms and conditions.  This document contains the terms that you use The Writers Vault software under.  These terms will be subject to change as our platform adapts over time.

All customers of the Writers Vault software will be hereon referred to as Users or The Users.  The term Owners is reserved exclusively for the owners of The Writers Vault software.  The Writers Vault software is owned and operated by PC Futures Ltd.

The owners of the Writers Vault have taken the stance of having as simple a set of terms of business as we can.  The reason being is we want people to understand how simple our platform is and the relationship we offer to you and what we look for in return.

Software Ownership

  • The User will not own the software. The Writers Vault software is provided to The User under licence from its legal owners.
  • Not at any point will you own a copy of the Writers Vault software. It’s ownership and all rights remain exclusively the property of the developers/owners.
  • The User will be able to access the software on their own machines at any time it is available. It is up to The User to maintain their machine at all times.  This includes security and safety features.  Should their account be made corrupt by a lax in security from their device then the user agrees to accept full responsibility for this and any corrupt data which may come from it.

Software Support

  • General technical support, this is provided for free by The Owners of the software. This is technical support of the platform only and not User Support for the platform itself.  The Owners feel sufficient instruction is already provided within the platform itself. To access this when logged on click on My Account – Help and this will assist you.  Additional video tutorials are also available via our YouTube channel and within the back end of the platform.
  • Tooltips, there is a tool tip section on the platform for each page. If you hover over the ? symbol on each page you will see information relating to that page.  This information is subject to change at any point by The Owners in a bid to improve the user’s experience.

Software Backups

  • Backups, The Owners take a backup of all accounts weekly. The chances of anything going wrong with your account are very low.  However, should something be required for an individual to have a granular restore we reserve the right to levy a reasonable fee to do this.  However, the circumstances for needing this are very unlikely as the restore feature in the platform are already very secure and highly robust.
  • Should The Owners have to restore from a back-up system wide, we will endeavour to do this as quickly as possible and at no point will a charge be made for this. This would be site wide for all users of the platform.  We do not anticipate needing to ever do this, but it is listed here for clarity.

Data Security

Your data is important to us and you. As a result, The Writers Vault software is securely backed up and stored very safely.  The data is encrypted with an SSL for added peace of mind.  In addition, the data is stored securely in our host’s data centres.  At the Writers Vault we do not host the data used in our software, but we use a high-end hosting partner to do this.  A partner we have worked commercially with for many years.  Their datacentres are co-located around the world and benefit from:

  • 24/7 physical security guard services.
  • Physical entry restrictions.
  • Full CCTV coverage both internally and externally.
  • Biometric readers with two-factor authentication.
  • Unmarked facilities to avoid external identification.
  • Battery and generator backups on site.
  • Generator fuel carrier redundancy.

Data Ownership

Your data remains yours. Not at any point do The Owners of this software claim any ownership of your data.  It is your data and remains so, as the platform and its software remain owned by The Owners/Developers.  Should you at any point wish to remove your data you are free to do so at any time.  For Premium Users this means you must have a full and active Premium subscription in place to do this.  Otherwise functionality can become limited.

  • Your details will not be passed onto any 3rd party businesses without your express prior consent.
  • We reserve the right to use your details in marketing activities relating to the Writers Vault software. This will always be done professionally and with due care.

Targeted Adverts

The free version of our software runs targeted adverts in it. This is done hopefully to interest our users into products or services which may be useful to them.  In addition to this it is also done to help cover the cost of hosting.  To remove this, you need to simply upgrade your account to the paid for version and the adverts will disappear all the while you have a premium account.

 GDPR Ownership

  • We work hard to make sure we don’t keep or take any information that we don’t need. However, rest assured that we will work to the best of our knowledge within GDPR regulations.  To this end, the data we hold on you we feel is within the grounds of our legitimate business interests.  Also, to ensure you get the most from our software.
  • Mailing preferences. The Owners run a type of emailing system to enable us to efficiently contact you, The User.
  • To be on this list you will have either – registered on the homepage of the website. Or, you are a free account user or a premium one.
  • We will curate lists of users who wish to be contacted to ensure we are passing the right information to people at the right time. This is entirely to benefit users on the platform and to keep them up to date on changes and new features we are rolling out which they will/could benefit from.
  • You can remove yourself from this email list and the information it shares with you on tips etc. This is done by going into the top right-hand corner of the platform, when logged in and clicking on My Account.  Then, down to Settings, then to adjust this in the email preferences to ‘Unsubscribe.’  This will contact our team and within a maximum of 72 working hours (UK time) we will remove your details.  However, you can always presubscribe at any point.
  • Writers vault is not designed to keep personal data in, we strongly advise you against using the software to store any data that may be deemed personal.

Account Types

  • There are two types of software licenses we can grant a User. As of June 2019, these are:
  1. Standard Account – The use of this account is free to a User. Only one account can be owned by a User.  These accounts have a wealth of features and can be upgraded to a Premium Account at any point.
  2. A Premium Account – The premium Account is charged out and paid for via our approved payment gateway. The current cost for this is available by visiting


  • The Free Account cost is Free to a User for one account. The difference between accounts can be viewed here  Any User can upgrade their account to a Premium User when they wish to by clicking on the Upgrade button shown when logged in.
  • A Premium User is able to use the account with all the benefits of a Premium Account for the purpose of 1 year from upgrade. To see the current cost of a premium account, click here
  • To see about Downgrading an Account from Premium to Free visit
  • Additional Features – Some bolt on features will be added to the Writers Vault software as the platform develops. As these are added some will be included in the Free version, some in Premium only and some will be additional purchases for the Premium only accounts.  Some of these will carry an additional charge to add them to your account.

Writing Your Manuscript With Writers Vault

  • At no point do we advise you to write your manuscript in the platform as there is currently no word processing feature in it. Someone could do this is they wish, in some of the note sections or plot note areas however, this is not currently the point of the platform and we advise against it.
  • We feel that platforms such as Microsoft Word and others are better suited to this currently and we would advise people to use this to write their stories/books and to ensure a robust backup is in place to protect their data.


  • As image space in the Writers Vault is given for FREE in the standard account. There are some limitations on this.  One reason is to better manage our costs, the second is also for a better user experience.
  • If images are too large the system will not accept these. Also, if you have too many large images on a page it will greatly reduce the load time of pages and worsen the user experience.  So, we have implemented best practice here on your behalf.  This is subject to change at any point.

Disclaimer of Warranties & Limitation of Liability

  1. The User agrees to not pursue any claim against the Owner in any format for errors which are not of the Owner’s making. This includes but is not limited too – Browser compatibility, device use, mobile responsiveness, data, access etc.  The Users accept that supplier issues can affect the Owner and trust that the Owners will take all reasonable steps to mitigate this as quickly as they can.

Created 10th June 2019.

Last Updated 19th of July 2019.

This copy supersedes any and all prior versions of itself and this is the current agreement you agree to when using the Writers Vault software.