Project Road Map

With the Writers Vault software, we are looking and investing in adding more free features and a host of paid for modules.

These will all be optional, you pick and choose what you want to enable you to get the most from the Writers Vault.

Here are some of the features we are exploring and looking to possibly add.

Custom Themes

Sometimes it can be something small which gives you that spark.  Something that makes you add a bit to your writing to give it that wow factor.

So, if you are writing a historical book, business book or a modern day supernatural we are looking to add theme options to The Writers Vault.

These high-end themes will help set the scene for the genre of book you are writing and to make the software…a little more you!

Enhanced Images

This upgrade will enable you to add up to (projected) three images per Character, or Item.  It will still have limitation on image size and file size/type.  It will though increase the aid memoirs to help you write more with less.

It will give you greater storage and enable you to show multiple looks or ideas about your character at different times of their life or in different outfits and settings.

Category Views

Here is your chance to create groupings for specific characters.  This will enable you to see factions which may be developing in your work.  Maybe allegiances to a specific order or something like house Lannister or members of the Jedi Council.

This will give greater control allowing you to use colour representation for things over and above the Featured Character listing.

Advanced Items

With this feature you can power up the Items section of Writers Vault.  You can assign then items to the Characters you have listed in Writers Vault.

These show who has what item and will appear when the Item or Character record is visited.  This will prompt you to remember that $100,000 he picked up two books ago…

Sticky Records

The ability to make a Character, Book, Item or Plot Note sticky.  So, that it always appears at the top of the page when it is marked as ‘Make Sticky.’

This is just another step we are taking to make the Writers Vault work to your personal preferences.

Manuscript Maker

Yes, the ability to write your manuscript in the Writers Vault.  We are giving serious thought and investigation to letting you put all your writing in this platform.  This module will enable you to store your critical writing and to work on it in conjunction with all the existing features of our software.

This will be something epic when it’s done as we have some great ideas based on speaking with other writers.


Got a town, city or world to build?  Do you need to craft that stunning location?  Well, in this feature you will have a toolset to record and shape the place you need for your writing.  A place to keep all the ideas, descriptions and information for exactly when you need it.

Friendly Projects

The ability to add a duplicate record of a Character to another Project.  This is for people who want to write a spin off series which is close but not the same as the others they are working on.

Export to CSV

Not that we want people to leave our platform but if for some reason someone chooses to do this.  They will then, for a small fee – be able to request their data to be downloaded in a plain CSV file.

We would then email them this data, so they can keep the record of it going forward.

Character Relationships

This is a character association module.  It will enable you to set relationships both superficial and far deeper between characters you have stored within Writers Vault.

An example of this would be to use Game of Thrones character Little Finger – on the face of it he would seem a good contact and even a friend to some in the story.  However, (spoilers) he is about as trustworthy as a double headed snake.

Here, using this module you can record this and keep your characters closer to how you originally envisaged them.

It would also show how many steps removed from one another they are.

It stops people forgetting about that rich uncle they had.  A rich uncle who could have just paid for their car to be fixed rather than turn to a life of crime as in book 2 the uncle said if you need any money for anything let him know.  Or, like the great wizard Gandalf forgetting about the Eagles he knew.

Character Badges

An advancement to Category Views feature that we are also investigating is Character Badges.  This will enable you to add multiple tags to your characters, this will enable greater search in more complex writings where you have a lot of factions and or characters.

This will let you see at a glance key information without going into the record card.  It could show who is allied with whom, who is trustworthy or who is poor.  These will be able to be used in a whole myriad of ways making things easier to see and to get you to key details quicker.

You will be able to use them your way and it will enable you to make the Writers Vault yours.