Plot Notes

The Plot Note are is a great place to record plans they could be ones you never use, character development arcs, ideas for a new subplot.  Literally whatever you want.

Here you can record possible new book ideas, side stories or whatever you think you need or could need.

Here is what is needed to create a Plot Note:

  • Assign it to a Project: If you have multiple Projects, this gives you more order to them.
  • Give it a title: For Example “Possible side story looking into family tree?”
  • Content: Here is where you put as much detail as you think you will need at this stage. You can always edit this as well if needed.

Plot Notes are very important tools in the Writers Vault and they have really helped our users.  You have no need to store things in paper.  No need to keep ideas in your head and forget them.  The Writers Vault is here to help.

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