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A Project is a simple term which refers to a starting point of any book project or series of books. In our software everything starts as a Project, it takes seconds to add and even if the book is a stand alone novel it opens up a wealth of features to you. If your book is part of a series of books, for example, The Lord Of The Ring would be the Project title and the first book would be called The Fellowship Of The Ring.

It it’s a stand alone book – call the Project the same as the book title if you want or give it something unique and memorable to you. Then, you get into the good stuff.

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The books title can be the finished one or for now just a working title. Then, you list the books number and a brief plot summary, which can be altered at any time.

You can even upload cover art if you have it.

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Here is the biggest part of the software, characters. Our software enables you to store information for consistency and ease. It records all the key parts of a characters for your reference and you can add to it as you go. You can even tag a character as Featured to make them appear higher up the order indicating they are someone you are doing more work or even a major character. We’ve all made a seemingly minor character who has turned into someone bigger than expected!

Plot Notes
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This is a place for you to express your ideas and importantly to record them. Simply put any plot notes or ideas you have down here. You can use these as you see fit when you need them. This ensures you don’t forget anything and the content and plot of your books is as tight as possible.

It is simple to use and the plot notes are ordered by the Project/series and title. So you only see what you are working on.

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Many books and genres rely on items. For many it cheapens a book when a character forgets they have the monster slaying item in their backpack. Or, that key to get into someones room they just happen to have. This strengthens your writing by keeping track of who has what equipment and possessions. It makes for stronger writing and a better story for your readers.

Feature List

Features Standard Premium
Projects Yes Yes
Books Yes Yes
Plot Notes Yes Yes
Characters Yes Yes
Items Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes
Image upload for Characters and Items Yes Yes
Light and Dark Theme Yes Yes
Adverts Removed Yes
Lock Theme Preferences Yes
Customisation Options Yes
Filter System Yes
Unlimited Entries Yes

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